Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a quick tea break

Today has been one of those days. I've been running from one meeting to the next, and getting pulled in all directions. My head is also swirling with the many things going on at home. When I had a few minutes for lunch, I decided to try an Assam tea I had picked up on sale at a local store. I know Assam is more of a breakfast tea, but I enjoy the bold flavor all day long.

This Assam from 'two leaves and a bud' tea company is a surprising change of pace from my regular black tea rotation. This tea has a pleasant aroma and a smooth taste, along with a nice malty undertone. However, I wouldn't consider it a great breakfast tea. Honey is the predominant flavor that unfortunately masks everything else. It is a nice afternoon tea, but it's not quite bold enough to wake me up in the morning. It is actually too smooth and soft, if that makes any sense. The tea was on sale at the store, but I think it usually costs about $8. I'd consider it a mid-range price. The leaves are in small pieces, but I was still able to get a full tasting brew. I do admit that the gentle smoothness of this tea worked wonders in relaxing me, and helped me forget my worries for a few minutes. I don't think this tea will make it into my every day rotation, but it will work well when I am in need of some peace during the work day.

If anyone out there has tried other varieties from two leaves and a bud, let me know what you think!

two leaves and a bud-Assam tea

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  1. Ugh. I made the mistake of buying a box of this tea for my regular morning wake-up, but it was tinny and metallic, with little body or aroma. Maybe I got a stale box, but I've returned to my tin of Harney & Sons. Not perfect, but a solid B-grade tea for my mornings.