Monday, October 4, 2010

Tea at Bubby's Brooklyn

We are moving to Park Slope in 2 weeks and have not packed a single thing. Living in a small space with two children means odds and ends collect in every corner, and get shoved into every available space. You never know what you're going to find under the dresser, or behind the desk. We have a daunting task ahead of us. On rainy Saturday morning, we had a family outing to Bubby's in order to fuel-up and gain motivation to start packing. We had not visited Bubby's in months, and were happy to discover they had added a 'local' slant to their menu, proudly boasting where they sourced things such as eggs, and meat. I was especially intrigued to see 'Bubby's specialty hot teas' on the menu. $4 for a pot of tea seemed a bit much for a place that is basically a glorified diner. But when I asked for a black tea, the waiter said they had an Assam. Eying the sleepy waiter in disbelief, I was skeptical. But at least they weren't charging that much for a bag of English Breakfast. I was tired and thirsty, so we placed our order.

When the pots of tea arrived, the waiter mentioned that they needed a few minutes to steep before pouring. Another surprisingly good sign. On the rare occasion that we visit a place that has loose tea, they usually have no idea how to prepare it. The leaves were a nice size, and a few minutes of steeping turned the tea a lovely shade of golden brown. It tasted just as Assam should- bold, and slightly bitter, perfect for waking up on a rainy day. I was satisfied, and ready (but reluctant) to start our day of packing.

My three year old daughter enjoyed the tea as well. She has been stealing sips of tea (in moderation) for about a year now, and loves everything from delicate oolongs to over-steeped bitter black teas. I can't drink a cup in front of her unless I'm willing to give up at least half of my share!

If you find yourself in the DUMBO area and are looking for a better than average cup of tea in a (very) family-friendly environment, Bubby's is a good pick. Just be prepared to spend a little more than you would expect.

Assam tea @ Bubby's Brooklyn: 1 Main st, DUMBO

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