Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Return of the Tea Infused Chocolates!

I am slowly becoming a fan of the whole tea infused chocolate thing. Last week PC let me taste a bit of his maté infused chocolate bar. It wasn't something I'd purchase for myself, but it was still chocolate. As an adventurous chocolate lover, he went and purchased a new flavor- 'raspberry rooibos' infused dark chocolate. PC was generous enough to offer me a taste of this chocolate as well.

Now I have to admit that I was hesitant to try it, since chocolate and rooibos doesn't sound like a winning combination to me. But rooibos does tend to just take on the flavor of whatever is added to it. As I reluctantly looked at the chocolate bar, PC mentioned that the flavor tasted very similar to what we know in NYC as 'Jelly Rings', one of my most guilty pleasures. http://www.amazon.com/Joyva-Ring-Jells-9-Oz/dp/B000EPV028

As soon as PC mentioned this, I dove right in to the chocolate bar. He was right, it tasted just like jelly rings!! An extremely sweet, raspberry flavor with a little dark chocolate bitterness, as well as a pleasing smoothness. There was a slightly herbal flavor, that I'm guessing was the rooibos. But it was hard to detect. I mostly tasted raspberry extract and semisweet chocolate. The ingredient list is simple, yet it still reminded me of my precious, artificially flavored jelly rings. I'm sure if I did a side by side tasting, I'd notice a vast difference. But this chocolate is a great, healthy (well ok, healthier) alternative!!

It doesn't really taste like tea, but I will definitely get this chocolate bar again for the yummy, nostaligic flavor.

The Tea Room 'Tea Infusions' Raspberry Rooibos

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