Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White Tea Love

 It has been a very hectic few days, and I'm grateful to find a few minutes to try a new tea. To continue my education in white teas, I picked up a White Peony by Rishi from the local health food store for $6.69. White tea is minimally processed, usually using silver buds and leaves that are steamed and dried. The result is a tea that is low in caffeine with a mild flavor. The White Peony variety is the second highest grade of white tea, with Silver Needle being the first.  I enjoyed the White Peony we had at Radiance (and wasn't too keen on the Silver Needle at Wegmans), so I thought I'd give Rishi's White Peony a try. It is a bit different in flavor than what we were served at the tea house, but I was not disappointed.
The large leaves have a beautiful honey aroma that also came through after steeping.  I could smell another slightly woody/nutty flavor, but couldn't identify it until I read the package "Pure White  Tea with accents of toasted chestnut and honey".  Oh of course, it's chestnut! There was also a light vegetal scent.

The flavor is very similar to the aroma- a smooth honey taste, along with toasty chestnut, with a light vegetal aftertaste.  Almost like green tea, but lighter and sweeter. It is soothing and refreshing at the same time.  I like the fact that it has a very low caffeine content, so I can drink it later in the afternoon, and not worry about disrupting my nighttime rest.
This tea is perfect for today.  It warmed me up, and calmed my frazzled nerves. 
If anyone has any white teas to recommend that I should try next, please let me know!  I am quickly becoming a fan of white tea.

Rishi Organic White Peony Tea  **** 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. I am a big fan of white tea, not only for its delicacy and sweetness but for its amazing health benefits.
    If you have tried white peony and silver needle, I recommend Ceylon White tea. It’s also a pleasant surprise. It has a delicate and refreshing flavour with notes of pine and honey.
    Give it a try and let me know if you liked it.