Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A flavored tea

I try to keep an open mind when trying new teas, even if it is something I'm not usually fond of. My tastes change, especially when my mood chanes, so I attempt to give things more than one try before deciding I don't like it. I always brew a tea a few times before making a decision on it.

I've never really cared for flavored tea, not even Earl Grey.  I know there is a huge market for it, and many tea drinkers love it. I've tried and tried, but I just can't seem to get behind flavored teas aside from ones that have just natural flowers added, such as Jasmine. When I drink tea, I am looking for pure tea flavor, without anything to mask it. There is just about every variety of flavored tea out there, from blueberry cheesecake, to chocolate dipped strawberries. Which leads me to the tea I've been tasting lately, called Valentines from Adagio. 

I actually won a huge bag of this tea in an online contest.  I should have given it more thought before entering, since it's not really wise to win a bag of tea that I may not like. But I love contests (I am surprisngly competitive and for this contest you had to post your valentine's day tea story), and I thought I'd like to give the tea a try. I am of course thankful to Adagio for having the contest, and sending this tea to me!

The tea is Ceylon, with added rose petals. According to Adagio it also has natrual strawberry and chocolate flavor. They dry leaves have a strong strawberry-sweet scent with chocolate mixed in. It also has a strange chemical, almost bitter like smell that lingers in my nose after I pull the leaves away.  After steeping, there is a strong strawberry and chocolate scent. So strong that one of my co-workers walked over and asked if I was eating something chocolate.  The smell actually reminds me of something from my childhood- chocolate scratch n' sniff stickers!  I think it's because the aroma is hinting at chocolate and strawberries, but isn't quite on the mark.  It's more of an artificial smell.  I'm not saying that there are any artificial additives to the tea, I imagine it's very difficult to use flavorings to taste and smell like the real thing.

The taste is a bit bitter, and a bit sweet. Not really a strawberry sweet, though. It's hard to describe. I am getting a bitter chocolate taste, but it's more of an aftertaste. Adding a drop of milk smoothes out the flavor a bit, but I don't really care for milk in my tea, except in masala chai (I am so picky!).

I do have a few friends that enjoy this type of tea, so I will be giving it out to any interested takers. That is probably a good for Adagio, so I don't feel too badly about dislking this tea. It would also make a pretty addition to a Valentine's day craft, as the rose petals against the black tea is asthetically pleasing.  Perhaps somethign similar to my tea heart photos.

I will still keep an open mind to flavored teas, as I never know when I'll hit upon one that will work for me. But for now, the search continues. If anyone has a flavored tea to suggest, definitely let me know.


  1. Well done on your win. Better luck next time that it is something you like a bit better.
    What a good blog you've got here - it comes over as a blog of somebody who enjoys a good cuppa rather than somebody analysing every sip :)

  2. Congratulations!!!! And thanks for your review that was just posted to The Tea Review Blog: