Monday, March 14, 2011

Booch success!

Over the past 2 1/2 weeks my gallon of Kombucha has been busy fermenting. We've been tasting it every few days to decide if it was ready to make its debut. At first, it was too sweet, then it didn't have enough fizz. But last night we decided that it was ready! I poured the liquid into bottles and put them in the fridge. Separating the liquid from Slimey (the original scoby), and putting it in the fridge stops the fermentation process.

The tea has the tell-tale pungent smell that is a product of the fermentation. Acidic and slightly sweet. You know from the smell that the brew will have a strong taste. I don't detect anything that smells like tea. Pungent effervescence is a good way to describe the taste. Fizzy, acidic, and tangy. Similar to store bought Kombucha, but a little more flavorful. There is a nice subtle sweetness as well. The tea is very drying on the palate. Peeps said this is because I fermented it a little longer, which gave it more fizz, and made it a bit dryer. I like it like this! I'm not tasting much of the oolong tea I used, but there is a slight earthiness.  The acidity is so strong that it's hard to detect. But I think it's there. The bubbles are small, and very pleasant.

And Slimey has produced an offspring! I took it out of the jar. It was a bit disgusting. Very firm, but soft, and well, slimey. If anyone would like a scoby to make your own Kombucha, let me know! It looks gross, but it does good work.

Next time I'll try using a different tea to see if the taste is any different. I'll have to do a little comparison taste test. Not sure if I will use black or green tea. Any suggestions?

I know Darjeeling is considered the 'Champagne of teas', but I think it should be Kombucha! At least it has a similar mouth feel. I'd say that the first Kombucha effort was a success! A new batch will be brewing soon.


  1. Hi iam in Tanzania trying to get a scoby can u please help me

  2. Hi iam in Tanzania trying to get a scoby can u please help me

  3. Hi iam looking for a scoby can you help in any way I live in Tanzania here is my email

    1. Hi Jacqueline, I'll send this to you in an email, but you can make your own scoby from a pre-made bottle of Kombucha. Link here:

  4. Hi I'm in Kenya. I've been, one might say desperately searching for scoby? Is it possible for me to get my hands on some? Thanks.

  5. Hi! I live in Kenya and habe been looking all over for the Kombucha scoby. I'm currently in eldoret town. Do you know where I could get some?

  6. Hi! :D I am in Tanzania and was wondering if there is somewhere to buy Kombucha here? Hopefully in Arusha or Mwanza :) Or in other countries in East-Africa :D Thanks!