Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kusmi Tea sampler

Recently a dear friend gave me a surprise gift of a lovely sampler from Kusmi Tea. So thoughtful! I admit that I've avoided their teas because many are flavored, which is not my favorite thing. I also had a disappointing experience with one of their bagged teas, but I think it was past its use-by date. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I had to give them another chance. The idea just hadn't bubbled up past my daily preoccupations. But now I was presented with a perfect opportunity.
After reading the ingredients listed on each tin, I selected the St. Petersburg blend for my first pot. Sniffing the leaves there is citrus, bergamot and vanilla. It's very sweet and pleasing, but I was a little worried about the predominance of bergamot. Steeped, the brew has a lovely smooth vanilla caramel flavor. I was happy that the citrus flavors were delicate and mostly in the background. Definitely better than the in-your-face BERGAMOT flavor I was expecting after smelling the dry leaves. Not something I'd drink on a daily basis, but a sweet, refreshing change from the bold and malty black teas I'm most fond of. I bet it would also make a nice iced tea.

The company has an interesting history starting in Russia then fleeing to Paris. I'm also a sucker for packaging, so I of course love the sweet little tea tins. Kusmi teas are sold in a few cafes and shops in my area, and the American flagship is here. I will have to make a journey in the near future.

I can't wait to try the other teas in my sampler, and hopefully share a pot with my friend that gave them to me. I am so thankful to her for the gift! It has opened my mind to the possibility of trying other flavored teas, and to delve further into the many varieties offered by Kusmi.

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