Friday, August 5, 2011

Steep Thoughts: The 'Why Not Tea?' Edition

Today my husband helped me realize a growing problem in my life- restaurants that I love, but do not offer tea of any kind. I suppose a non existent tea is better than bad tea. But when I'm out for a tasty, satisfying meal, I always want a cup of tea to round everything out.

One of my new favorite restaurants, Danji offers Korean style dishes with an added twist. I've loved everything I've tried there. On our most recent visit, I was wondering if they had any Korean tea, but didn't see any tea at all on the menu. After confirming this with the server I became disheartened. This is a restaurant that has an amazing alcoholic drink menu, but no tea. There is a huge opportunity for some lovely Korean tea! At least they don't offer coffee, either.

Has anyone out there encountered this problem with a favorite restaurant? I'm guessing the owners of Danji did this on purpose, but I would love to know why. Am I expecting too much?

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