Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes, a bagged tea

Summer is basically over, and life has been quite hectic for the past couple of weeks. I've desperately needed tea to keep me going. The other day I noticed that I was out of loose tea, but I had a box of Chinese Breakfast bagged tea from Numi I was saving for a rainy day. I was reluctant, but needed that caffeine, so I busted into the box. I have enjoyed many loose leaf teas from Numi, so I had high hopes.

The package says this is a 'Full-bodied Yunnan black tea'. The brew smelled malty and earthy. I was reminded of crisp fall days spent raking crunchy leaves. The taste was equally malty, with a rich full body. This tea is very smooth, with hardly any bitterness at all. There are slight notes of honey, pepper, and leather as well. A surprising amount of flavor from a tea bag! The box mentions there are lingering floral notes, but I didn't taste any. I will probably try again, making sure the water is sufficiently hot.
It is the perfect time of year to discover this tea. The color and aroma evoke cool fall afternoons, which is further enhanced by the earthy taste. The smooth, comforting flavor is perfect for warming up on a chilly fall day. If only I could curl up with a mug under a cozy blanket and a good book! Not this week, but perhaps sometime soon.


  1. Hi! I just found your is great! I just restarted my tea blog after a babymoon. I would love if you stopped by sometime.

    Every now and then you do find a great tea in a bag! Glad today was your day!

  2. If you're gonna have bagged tea, Numi's the way to go! I'd venture to say it's almost better than some loose tea.

    Thanks for transporting me to Fall...I mean we're pretty much there but I can never have enough.

  3. I have not tried this particular tea, but it sounds like it is in a similar vein to Rishi Tea's China Breakfast, which is also a Yunnan black tea. I really like that tea.