Friday, October 7, 2011

A Pleasant Chai Surprise

Last week I wrote about my favorite masala chai. I love making it from scratch for the taste, but also to interact with the ingredients. I like to watch the tea and spices dance around in the simmering milk, and experience the savory smell that permeates my kitchen. How could a pre-made chai compare?

A sample of Tipu's instant black chai was passed along to me, and I gave it a doubtful look. Most premixed chai products do not work well for me. All I usually taste is cardamom. I decided to open the package and give it a judgemental sniff. I was hit with the scent of fresh gingersnap cookies- ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. It was peppery, cardamom-y. It smelled amazing. Without further hesitation, I heated up some milk, and mixed in the powder and added a little sugar.

It tasted delicious. Exactly the flavor I expect from a good masala chai! The perfect amount of spice for me. I could taste all the requisite flavors, and there is a lingering black pepper and ginger hum. My only issue is that the texture remained grainy after preparation. Even though it's instant, I may try to strain it next time. Or try to get the milk even warmer to hopefully dissolve the mixture more successfully. Most other pre-made blends I've tried (including whole leaves/spices) are too heavy on one spice or another. For me, this blend is perfect. I still can't believe the flavors that developed in a powdered product.

The flavor is warming and uplifting. This is a wonderful tea to reach for when you can't make your chai from scratch. Perfect for travelling or in the office! I am pleasantly surprised by this product.

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  1. It will still remain grainy because it is made up of ground spices. It is almost like a chai matcha. Thats what gives it its very pungent flavor! I thought this stuff was fantastic as well!