Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Tea Mystery

back of mushroomy package
My generous Brother and Sister in Law visited a tea plantation in Hangzhou China and brought back a wonderful tea gift for me! It included two beautiful boxes of Dragon Well (longjing), a package of dried fruit called 'Hawthorne' and also the above strange package, which looks like dried mushrooms.
front of mushroomy package
Along with the tea there is a pamphlet that is mostly in Chinese, but in English gives 'A Folk Prescription on Dragon Well Green Tea' for high cholesterol and diabetes. The recipe includes the tea, Hawthorne, and orange peel. The package doesn't look like orange peel, but maybe?
 I haven't opened the mushroomy package yet, will probably do so tonight. I plan on a more in-depth post about the tea and the accouterments, but I need to ask- does anyone know what this mystery mushroomy tea thingy is? Please let me know!!

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