Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reflection In Loss

Last week the world lost a treasured soul. My Mother-In-Law passed away after a courageous battle with ALS. She was the most fun-loving, optimistic person I've ever had the honor to meet.

Watching family around me grieve in their own individual ways, I noticed the common healing element revolved around food and conversation. Joyous and wonderful stories of our beloved matriarch were shared while new tears were shed over salty cheeks. A warm cup of tea held and consumed absentmindedly. Its warmth fueling the conversation, quietly comforting the mourner.

We gain strength from the family and friends supporting us. In the Jewish tradition we Sit Shiva, which is a time to reflect and remember. I look around and marvel at how many lives she touched and influenced. The feeling of love is overwhelming.

A seemingly trivial cup of tea amidst the sadness was actually a source of peace for me. A personal moment for reflection and remembrance. A small moment of warmth and comfort. Easing a burning throat and puffy eyes.

I will always keep her brightness with me, remembering just how much she influenced my life in the brief time she was a part of it. I will hold my family close and let the joy she felt in life influence all of our daily tasks. The sky has one new shining star watching over us.

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