Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Steep Thoughts- the Making My List edition

While sipping my morning cup of Yunnan, I'm thinking about all the local tea places I have yet to visit. I have a running list of shops and cafes to check out. Sure, I've been to quite a few tea places and I have my favorites, but there are so many left to try! I thought I'd share my list to see if anyone has any feedback. Do you have any places to add? Anything in the NYC area.
Tea-ish Places To Try (in no particular order):
The Mandarin's Tea Room
Cha An
The Tea Set
Laughing Man
Spices and Tease
Keko Cafe
Lady Mendl's Tea Room
Tea Spot

There are also a few places I've been that require a re-visit, since it's been so long since I've checked them out:

Tea & Sympathy (a huge favorite of mine but it's been years since I've been)
Teany (descent vegan fare with a good tea selection)
McNulty's (a great place to purchase tea)
Podunk (cute place with lovely fresh baked goods and pots of tea)
Alice's Tea Cup (I always cringe at the cutesy decor but their teas aren't bad)
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Dare I return after my bad experience?)

So, any places to add? Or do you feel strongly about one on the list?

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  1. I've only been to cha-an once, but would love to return. Though I feel strange to drink by myself in that austere (albeit serene) setting.Radiance is ok, but too opened to truely savor the tea, I think.