Monday, April 9, 2012

Steep Thoughts: The Parenting and Tea Edition

Today I've been digging out the teas that give me the most caffeinated bang for my exhausted buck. Right now I'm once again steeping Taylor's of Harrogate's English Breakfast, because it's the strongest-tasting tea I have in the office. I know that taste doesn't correspond to caffeine content, but at least it helps me think that I'm waking myself up. Our daughter has been having sleep troubles for quite awhile now, and I need every bit of caffeine I can get.

I find that being a parent makes me approach tea differently than before I had kids. Of course I need that caffeine now more than ever, but I am more desperate for a break, and time to reflect. Often I can only steal a sip here and there, but when I have time for a cup, it's a moment just for myself. Not time to answer questions, or make sure no one is going to hurt themselves, or eat a moldy cracker that has been hiding under the couch. Taking a moment to drink tea also helps me brainstorm and problem solve. I get a chance to mull things over. It also keeps me sitting on the edge of insanity instead of hanging off of it. It helps me find patience, which makes me a better parent.

I enjoy sharing tea with my daughter. She already knows the difference between green and black tea, and is familiar with some of the flavors. I hope she develops joyful memories around sharing a cup of tea with her mother. A special time for just the two of us to relax and reflect.

For those that have children, do you share your tea with them?

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  1. My grandmother drank tea, and I guess that is where I got it. My grown children drink iced tea, but they don't savor the cup of hot tea like I do. They know how much I enjoy tea, so the are always buying me a new kind of tea to try. My sister just gave me a cast iron tea pot. I enjoy my tea and love tea of many kinds. Thanks for dropping in today.