Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Community Institution

I've lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope for well over a year now, but have not mentioned one of the most popular 'hangs', the Tea Lounge. Sitting in the lounge, it feels like this 12 year institution has been in the area for decades. Before I even moved to Brooklyn I remember taking refuge here after a long day of exploring the neighborhood. It is a gathering place for all the different personalities in the area to relax and refuel.

With tea in the name, thankfully the list of hot and iced options do not disappoint. The tea menu is diverse, with something to please just about everyone. Since the weather has been sticky and steamy, I've been sipping on their iced black tea. It's perfectly strong, even when the ice melts. It has a nice bold black tea flavor that lasts through the entire drink. There are lots of flavored iced teas as well, but I always go with standard black. What can I say, I'm predictable. Whether you are ordering a full pot of tea, or just a cup to go, prices are competitive and fair, and service is friendly.

This is a very laid back joint, with dim lighting and lots of mismatched couches and tables. It is a welcoming, comfortable place to sit and read, write, or watch your kids play. It feels like you are sitting in a large living room. There is a bulletin board for events and sales happening throughout the neighborhood, and it is always packed with notices. My children enjoy the space, and they even have music classes for kids during the week. There is a schedule of ongoing events such as musical performances. They serve food and alcoholic drinks as well, but of course I usually just go for a cup of tea and neighborhood charm.

Tea Lounge: 837 Union Street Brooklyn, NY: Recommended

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