Friday, August 10, 2012

Poppy's Story

Our newest correspondent Poppy wanted to share a little bit about herself. She was initially shy with her details, but with some gentle coaxing and a nice sip of Assam, she told me a bit of her story. She started life as part of a 1930s child's tea set. She saw many years of tea parties until being packed away in a basement and forgotten, while different families moved in and out of the house above her. One day she decided there was more to life than living in a musty basement, so she set off to explore...

For a very long time I had been sitting in newspaper with my fellow set mates, listening to feet stomp overhead. It had been a long time since I'd felt the glee of tiny little fingers playing tea party. I used to be the prized possession of a little girl, having tea with all of her playmates. But she grew older, and I got thrown in a box in the basement. It wasn't so bad, all of us cups passed the time by telling stories and holding contests for who had the least amount of chips. We befriended lots of spiders, and spiders have many stories to tell. One day not too long ago, I got tired of memories and stories, and wondered what the world had to share outside of this forgotten box.

While the rest of the set was sleeping, I wiggled out of the box and made my way up some stairs....
Looking around I found the kitchen, with very different appliances than I remembered. I noticed a little group of enormous teacups. I am naturally a bit shy, but I decided to approach them. I wanted to learn about this new world! I tried to strike up a conversation, but no one said a word to me. Rude!

I then found a strange looking pink and white teapot with a cup. I didn't recognize the material they were made from. Bakelite? Seemed a bit flimsier than that. Anyway, they too ignored me. Don't these folks have interesting stories to tell? Tales of tea and gossip? I was about to hop over to a little girl in the room, when I noticed a big window. I took a look outside, and noticed a whole new world to explore. Inside and out of the house, everything looked so different from what I could remember. I started thinking about my previous life playing with children, and realized that I should see what else there is for a teacup to experience. Perhaps I could try new teas, and meet people that would want to actually talk to me. Perhaps I could lend a new opinion and perspective. I may be a tiny teacup, but I have a lot more exploring to do. 

Poppy will soon be visiting tea shops in the NYC area. If you see her around, be sure to say hello. She may be shy at first, but just give her some tea, and time to tell her stories.

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