Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brussels Breakfast Tea from Le Pain Quotidien

One of my favorite and easy lunch stops in NYC is Le Pain Quotidien. A Belgian transplant that has restaurants all over the globe, with many in New York. The food, bread, and pastries are tasty and made with organic ingredients. I knew they served tea but only recently did I discover that it was an in-house brand.

On a particularly exhausting day I ordered the Brussels Breakfast tea, and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. I actually made a later trip just to pick up a box. It is a solid Ceylon tea that is bold and bright. It sparkles with sweetness like my favorite breakfast blends do. It is strong and invigorating, yet when I had it on recent weary afternoon, it was also quite soothing. This is one of my favorite characteristics of teas in general.

over steeped, but still tasty
This is an easy tea to over steep, so make sure you are watching the time. Adding milk and/or sugar would be just fine. I don't usually add them myself, but breakfast blends are usually made with milk and sugar in mind. This tea is perfect for the morning, but also lovely as an afternoon break either to unwind or revive.

With a nice selection to choose from, I'm happy to list Le Pain Quotidien as a NYC spot for a pot of tea, along with a pastry or baguette.

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