Friday, May 3, 2013

Update: Tea In The Office

My Trusty Trio
A wonderful friend read my Tea in the Office post and gave me a lovely electric kettle as a Birthday gift. I am so touched by the thoughtful gifts I received this year (if you aren't reading my facebook page, here is a link to the other amazing tea related gift)! This kettle has helped change my office tea routine, since I'm now easily able to achieve the perfect temperature for my tea. This is the kettle, and it's a great BPA-free choice for an office space.

My new routine has also caused an interesting issue- every time I take the kettle to the kitchen to fill it, someone has a comment  It's usually "why do you need a kettle if we have hot water from the cooler?" I then have to explain how some teas require boiling water and our water machine isn't hot enough. Watching everyone's face as I explain this has been fun. Some show a look of confusion and walk away. Others have a smile of realization, and usually ask a follow up question or two. It's fun to see how many people I can educate about water temperature!

Do you get any tea questions from coworkers? Do you share your tea routine with others?

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  1. The clock is so cool!
    You are lucky to have received that kettle - it's sold out on Amazon.