Friday, May 31, 2013

Visit: Press Tea

Press Tea had a huge presence at the NY Coffee & Tea Expo in March, along with a trial store on the Lower East Side for a few months to hone their product. Now after months of preparation, Press Tea has finally opened their West Village shop. 

I have visited the new shop twice now, and both times I had to battle the crazy NY elements to get there. Torrential rain the first time, extreme heat the next. Both times I entered the shop in a foul mood because of the weather, and both times my mood lifted after a first sip of tea.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Press Tea process, you can read my visit to the trial store here which mentions how the tea is made in something similar to an espresso machine. Also here is an adorable video discussing their brewing process.

On my first visit I was soaked and chilly, so I went for a hot tea latte. I tried the Himalayan Black tea and added rose flavoring. I remembered at the NY Coffee & Tea Festival they were giving out rose flavored samples, and tasted divine. My latte was a bit too sweet for my taste and the rose was more overpowering than I remembered, but still very comforting and warming on such a raw day. I could taste the black tea even through the sweet rose flavor. A very nice first cup.

Black Tea Latte

Black tea Macchiato
On my second visit I wanted to cool down, so I had an iced macchiato which is black tea with milk. I went without sweetener this time, so I could taste the tea loud and clear. It appears that most of the drinks come with sweetener unless you specify otherwise. As I sat with my drink and listened to the subway rumble distantly underneath me, I enjoyed the intense black tea flavor. the bold bitter taste reminded me of a coffee drink. It is almost impossible to find an iced black tea with such a fabulous intensity. The flavor holds up to the ice and mocks the milk with its robust flavor. The heat of the day was obliterated.

The store is well situated on a busy stretch of 7th avenue in the West Village. The interior is

cheery with a few little tables. The two times I visited there were a selection of mini cupcakes you choose with your tea if you are hungry. The shop is painted with clean, soothing grey hues while natural wood and Victorian wallpaper decorate the space. 

This is a perfect place for a drink, no mater what the cranky NY weather throws at us. I will definitely be making frequent trips here if I am in the area. Even if I'm not thirsty, that bold tea will lure me inside.

Press Tea: 167 7th Avenue South, NY, NY: recommended for a quick cup, a lingering drink with a book, or anything in between.

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