Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visit: Physical Graffitea

Last Friday my husband and I found ourselves with a rare day to ourselves. We went to a movie and ended up walking around the east village in tropical humidity. Looking for shelter from the heat, we found Physical Graffitea, a tea shop that has been on my list to visit for ages. The shop's name comes from the building it is housed in, featured on the Led Zeppelin album cover for Physical Graffiti.

The location is in the heart of the east village on St. Marks, across from the popular Yaffa cafe. It was previously a vintage clothing store until the owner decided to turn it into a tea shop. A smart move in a neighborhood full of vintage stores but missing a great tea shop. Until now, of course.

Down a few steps we entered the funky and cheerful space lined with a wall of teas and tea accessories. Familiar sounds of The Smiths welcomed us in, and The Postal Service played as we waited for our drinks. I felt right at home. Service was friendly and genuine. We felt truly welcomed, as if we were regulars popping in for our daily drink.

During our visit there were three iced teas ready to be poured, but we were told that any tea on the wall could be made iced as well. We both ordered an iced matcha latte. The matcha was well prepared, and each sip helped erase the sticky memories of the day. It had a deep green vegetal flavor with just enough milk (soy milk was also available). There is a huge range of teas to drink or take home. Everything from tea basics to mate and pu-erh, even medicinal herb blends. I would definitely be a regular at this shop if we lived nearby. It is a tea oasis in the east village.

Physical Graffitea: 96 St. Marks Place NY, NY 10009- Recommended for a leisurely cup, loose leaves to go, a quick cup, iced tea, and everything in between.


  1. You made it! I was so close the other day.

  2. oh too bad! I'm happy to go back if you are looking for someone to go with! We happened to be nearby and I knew it would be a good place to cool down.