Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nudo Darjeeling: Adopt a Tea Garden

Nudo Darjeeling is trying to get tea drinkers more involved in the growing process by becoming tea parents! They offer the consumer the opportunity to temporarily 'adopt' a Darjeeling tea garden. Nudo has had success with bringing olive oil direct from the trees to the consumer, and decided to offer a similar model for Darjeeling tea.

You can read about how this company got started here. You have the opportunity to 'adopt' a tea garden for a year and receive tea directly from that garden based on the seasonal harvest. It's a nice idea for folks concerned with the provenance of their tea. There are five gardens to choose from, with interesting information about each location, and tasting notes on the tea it produces. Each seasonal harvest has a unique flavor, and this is a nice way to taste them all.

I love the brightly colored tea tins, they are a cheerful addition to my collection. I tasted all four flushes sent to me, and my favorites are the first flush, and golden harvest. They are well rounded, developed cups with the uniquely pleasing Darjeeling notes I've come to love.

While these are not my most favorite Darjeeling teas I've tasted recently, I do like Nudo's clever idea to temporarily 'adopt' a tea garden.  With the holidays fast approaching, this could be a fun gift option for any black tea fan.


  1. I like only green teas. I have tried Darjeeling tea and they are very good in body (strong and full bodied) if memory serves right in describing them; but I could not understand difference with first flush, second flush and golden harvest. I mean that I know it is to do with season when they are plucked but taste wise I could not find subtlety letting me know it is a first, second or (moon) golden harvested?

    I have a lot to learn is all. Thank you for sharing.

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