Monday, February 3, 2014

Tea collections- Fancy Tea cups

Many tea lovers have a tea collection of some sort. Tea canisters, advertising, pots, steepers, you name it we can obsess over it. Each collected piece has a unique story to tell. Now that the fourth season of Downton Abbey has started, I've been thinking about my small collection vintage tea cups. I started collecting tea cups years ago, mostly inexpensive versions for tea parties. Nowadays my daughter and I will enjoy an occasional impromptu chamomile tea party, and I usually break out these less expensive 'fancy' cups. It makes our tea moment extra special. We get creative, imagining we are in a beautiful mansion, taking tea with royalty.

I also have a few cups I lock away in the china cabinet, away from curious little fingers. A few of my favorite cups are shown above. They are vintage Shelley, Paragon, and Meissen. These are definitely not for daily use. When I see them I dream of afternoon tea with beautiful sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream. Perhaps something you'd see on Downton Abbey. The Meissen cup is actually from my grandmother, who also had an eye for collecting. Each vintage cup has its own special history. I love to imagine where they've been, and who has held them.

Do you have any tea collections? Why do you collect tea accessories? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have favorites of teacups and saucers for fondness of memories. Or simply because they are beautiful to have around as they bring a excitement in the having of precious things.

    Nice to have is all.

  2. Very pretty! I recently decided to rescue 75 old teacups from my mother's basement (left to me by my Grandma), and I've been using them all! Why should they sit in a box in the basement for the next 40 years?!?! I believe we should use our precious things! We only live this life once!

  3. I completely agree, Rona! Pretty cups make the tea taste even better! :)