Friday, May 9, 2014

Are You A teapig?

Have you tried teapigs yet? They are merry tea folks with a great aesthetic and delicious high quality tea. The UK company was founded in 2006. I've seen their products in a few local stores here in the states and they recently launched a US website. The new US site is fun to look at and easy to navigate. Of course I also love the company name. How can you ever forget a name like teapigs? I know I can certainly be a piggy when it comes to tea.

love the packaging!
One of the enjoyable aspects of the new website is a search for tea based on mood. I was feeling a bit grumpy, so that's what I clicked on, curious to see the recommendations. The one that caught my eye was 'chocolate flake tea'. Hmm chocolate and Assam together would lift my mood considerably (note to self: order this tea)! To give this feature a spin yourself, check out the moodometer.

English breakfast tea temple

I love that teapigs calls their tea bags 'tea temples'. The temples are biodegradable mesh derived from cornstarch. Much better than many of the other toxic teabags used in the industry. The bags also contain whole leaves.
silver tips white tea
Teapigs generously sent me a package of tea temples for my birthday (first picture above). I was immediately taken with the fun graphics on the packaging. It's rare to find a tea brand that adds whimsy to the packaging while still keeping the overall image sleek and professional. Not only is the packaging joyful to look at, it's also environmentally friendly.

I've tried a few of the teas in my package and they all are fresh and high quality. I particularly liked the English Breakfast, tung ting oolong, and the silver tips white. I was impressed with the flavors produced by a bagged tea. The breakfast tea was malty and a little bit sweet with a strong punch- a classic English breakfast. The oolong grabbed me with a gorgeous floral aroma which translated to the brewed tea. Perfect for an afternoon tea moment. The white tea was gentle but not subtle. Slightly grassy, with the sweet flavors of stone fruit. These tea bags are a fantastic choice for travelling or whenever you don't have access to loose leaf tea.

If you're looking for a new tea experience, definitely check out teapigs! 

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  1. teapigs logos seem similarly to Suki Tea's accessories:
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