Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tasting: Je T'aime from Nina's Paris

Happy Piggy loves the scent

Valentine's day is around the corner and I've been thinking about teas well-suited for the day. For me, any high quality pure tea would be appropriate, but perhaps not as stylish. I started contemplating all the seemingly romantic blends out there but then my eyes came to rest upon a sample I recently received from Nina's Paris called Je t'aime. Could anything be more appropriate for a day of celebrating love?

The dry leaves are all about vanilla and caramel. Sweet and strong. My body was lifted up and lured towards the scent like a cartoon character. The fragrance had me stepping into in a confectioner's shop. After steeping, the brew's aroma shouts vanilla and caramel along with a buttery sweetness. After brewing this tea, my little office smelled like a french patisserie fully of buttery sweetness. The tea itself surprised me, as the flavor is actually subtle. Coconut, vanilla, butter, caramel and malty black tea all play nicely together. I could also detect notes of raw almonds. The caramel flavor is smooth and pleasant, not at all like the demanding scent of the brewed tea.

This would be a pleasant dessert tea after a Valentine's day dinner. It does have caffeine, so not for those that are sensitive to an evening black tea sip. The sweet comforting flavors make it a nice wintertime treat.

Thank you to Nina's Paris for the sample! You can purchase this tea through the Nina's Paris online shop, or on amazon.

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