Thursday, December 17, 2015

Devotea USA Green tea

I've been meaning to review this tea for awhile, and I'm happy to finally have a few minutes to write down my thoughts on it. I received a few samples to brew from The Devotea USA and this one intrigued me most. This is a Taiwanese green tea, and I admit it isn't something I'd had before. I was happy to taste something that's new-to-me and rather enjoyable. I've had many oolongs from Taiwan, but this is the first green.

The dry leaves are rolled like an oolong and have a grassy, slightly floral aroma with a buttery finish. The butter had me imagining a nice big bowl of popcorn to accompany the tea! I think I have to try that pairing out in the near future. The steeped tea is grassy, with a strong cooked green vegetable flavor but it's also sweet and a little floral. It has a nice creamy texture. I imagine it would be the result if a light oolong and sencha had a baby. This tea has a lot of flavor for a light green tea, it's very easy to drink and I found myself quite relaxed after a couple of steepings. After letting the 2nd steep cool down (ok, so perhaps it cooled down because I got distracted for awhile) it was refreshing and had an interesting barley-like note.

This tea is quite interesting, and would make a nice gift for someone that loves oolong and green teas but hasn't had much experience Taiwanese greens. It's a tea I could see myself drinking at any time of day since it's light but nuanced. I'll probably try cold brewing it, which I could probably do this weekend, giving this crazy warm December we've had thus far!

Thank you to The Devotea USA for the samples!

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