Thursday, January 5, 2017

Getting My Tea Groove Back

Happy New Year everyone! The last few months of 2016 set up obstacles I'm finally starting to stumble through and I've emerged with a more positive attitude. With this change I'm hoping to recharge the blog  a bit. The weather is getting colder and my body wants to hibernate, but my mind is ready for writing. I'm hoping give the blog more focus this year, and get back to a few of the things I started out to do. What are some of those things, you ask?

-I'd like to get back to discussing local tea spots. There are a few that I love but haven't written about. That needs to be fixed as quickly as possible!

-I want to resurrect the tea industry interviews, I think those are informative and helpful. Anyone you'd like to see featured?

-I'm working with two tea friends on a possible fun new blog feature, so you may see that in the coming months. I know it seems secretive to keep it so vague, but honestly we haven't ironed it out yet.

-I was asked to do an American tea history presentation to The Littlest Tea Critic's class later this year. Hopefully I'll be able to follow through and blog about what I'm learning. I'm not very good at public speaking, so this will be quite a challenge. Even to a room of 9 year olds! I find that children are more accepting, but they ask the toughest questions.

-There is a personal project in the works as well that is a bit tea-related. If I can manage to get it out of my head, I'll definitely share it. I know this also sounds mysterious and slightly irritating, but I hope that if I put it here in writing it means I'll make it happen!

-I also sorely need to catch up on tea reviews. So hopefully you'll start seeing a bunch of those. I think reviews are extremely subjective, but I enjoy writing about the flavors and stories I can tell through a tea. So expect to start seeing a few more.

Is there anything you'd like to see covered on the blog this year? I'm always open to suggestions! Happy New Year, and thank you for being a patient reader of the blog.

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