Thursday, May 10, 2018

Teaware Review: Primula Glass Teapots

I love a good glass teapot. It allows you to observe your leaves dancing around as they steep, and are simple enough in design that your tea takes center stage. I have a collection of vintage Bauhaus glass teapots that I tend not to use very often, only because I can be a bit of a klutz. So I'm always on the hunt for simple glass pots for daily use. I was excited when Primula reached out to see if I'd like to review their glass teapots, and also do a giveaway! Have a look at my review of their useful pots below, and make sure you pay attention for the giveaway details!

The Lea pot with flowering tea

Primula is a family-owned business that sells an array of drinkware, including glass teapots. In fact, Primula is currently having a $2 flash sale on their glass teapots! Honestly, you can't beat that deal. The pots are listed on their homepage, just scroll down a bit until you see the $2 flash sale. Each pot also comes with flowering teas, perfect for a gift or just for yourself.

The Layla Pot

I was sent two pots for review, the Layla, a 36 oz pot, and the Lea, which is 22 oz. Both pots come with glass strainers, and two flowering teas.  The strainer isn't necessary for the flowering tea, but it is helpful for loose leaf. Both pots are made of borosilicate glass which means its durable for the high temperature of boiling water. I've actually had glass pots break on me before, because they weren't made with glass durable enough for boiling water. These pots are lightweight, but feel substantial enough that a klutz like me isn't worried about breaking them. It's nice that the strainer is also included, although I find most glass strainers aren't designed for efficient tea straining. As is the case in these pots, the slits are very narrow, and it takes a long time for the water to run through into the pot. Because of this, you may need to shorten your overall steep time once the water has finally flowed through the strainer.

The Layla pot

The Layla is a nice size for a group, and I like the simple, elongated egg-shape of the pot. I'm planning on using it on Mother's Day, to serve tea for our little gathering, and it will most likely make an appearance at the Office Tea Club.

Lea Teapot

The Lea is a better size for an individual tea session (if you require as much tea as I do), or for a smaller group. I like the simple design, and the floral tea opens up to half the size of the teapot, which makes a beautiful presentation. It has a nice wide opening which makes it easy to clean as well.

The flowering tea

The flowering tea has a subtle, jasmine flavor to it. It is nice for presentation, but may not appeal to tea drinkers that don't enjoy jasmine. It is fun to watch the leaves unfurl in the water though! As you can imagine, the Littlest Tea Critic was delighted.

But wait, there's more! Head on over to my instagram page where I'm running a Primula teapot and flowering tea giveaway! Follow the rules to be entered to win one of these lovely pots; you can choose either the Lea or the Layla, whichever one you like best. You'll also receive two flowering teas to enjoy in your new pot. The giveaway ends on Saturday, May 12th at midnight, so head on over!

Thank you Primula for providing these lovely pots for review! They will get quite a bit of use.


  1. Looks great! I will be checking out your instagram for a chance to win!