Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Holiday Giveaway: Tea and Teapot from Ocha & Co.

photo courtesy of Ocha & Co

Last week in my Tea Happiness 2018 Holiday Gift Guide I mentioned teas from Ocha & Co., an online business based in Japan. Ocha & Co. sells small batches of tea that they order on a weekly basis, so customers from around the world will receive their teas shortly after the teas have been processed. I enjoyed Ocha & Co's products so much that I've teamed up with them to offer you a fun holiday giveaway! The winner will receive two prizes- first a 100g pack of the beautiful Fukamushi Sencha, a deep-steamed sencha with a soul-warming vegetal flavor that's packed with umami (review coming this Thursday). Plus you'll also receive a lovely Tokonameyaki teapot, pictured above. This teapot is perfect for preparing Japanese green teas!

Click HERE to enter the giveaway!! 

The winner will be announced at the end of the month. Wouldn't it be fun to win this set after the holiday whirlwind is over? This giveaway is sponsored and managed by Ocha & Co. Best of luck to everyone!

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