Thursday, September 5, 2019

Matcha Watermelon Cocktail

It feels like the summer is officially over, but you can keep the warm-weather feelings alive with a Matcha Watermelon cocktail. Freshly blended watermelon juice is combined with a boozy, matcha-y, citrusy elixir that is delicious and refreshing. The additions of basil and a touch of salt make this more than just your average matcha cocktail.

I was recently sent a can of a bright and vegetal organic Yabukita Matcha Sesui from Nio Teas, and decided to use it in a cocktail. After a few recent family gatherings I noticed we had an abundance of watermelon in the refrigerator, and the lightbulb went off. I knew I had to pull out my cocktail shaker and start recipe testing.

Matcha Watermelon Cocktail- The Backstory
I wanted to make a matcha cocktail that was naturally sweet, and watermelon juice is sweet enough without the addition of any other sweeteners. The recipe took a bit of time to refine, however, because I just wasn't getting the right balance of sweet, tart, and smooth.

My husband helped me taste each concoction I made, through all sorts of ingredient combinations. I decided to use vodka as the spirit, as it has a clean flavor. Eventually we hit upon the perfect additions- watermelon, matcha, lemon, lime, fresh basil, and a very important pinch of salt. Without the basil, the drink just wasn't smooth and soft enough, and the pinch of salt really brightened the whole thing up.

Matcha Watermelon Cocktail- The Pour
It also took me a few tries to figure out how to add each ingredient in, so the whole thing doesn't look like a foamy mess. After some trial and error, I discovered the right sequence to give it the most pizzaz. 

Matcha Watermelon Cocktail- Tips
Be sure to use cold watermelon for this recipe for maximum flavor and refreshment. No need to freeze the watermelon though, as that will change the texture.

When adding the basil, make sure it's a little bashed up- I like to knead it a little with my fingers, to bruise it and allow the flavors to be released.

As you can see from the photos I didn't get too fancy with my pouring skills, but if you're up for it you can get some interesting swirly designs if you pour the matcha elixir slowly and carefully. Don't try to stir everything together, or you'll lose the nicely defined colors.

Tea Happiness' Matcha Watermelon Cocktail
Makes 1 cocktail

2 cups cold watermelon, cubed and seeded

1 oz. Vodka
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp fresh lime juice
2-3 fresh basil leaves bruised up a bit with your fingers
1/2 tsp. matcha
pinch of salt

Tools you'll need: Cocktail glasses, a cocktail shaker, a blender.

First, take the two cups of cubed watermelon and blend it until smooth and frothy. It doesn't take very long and you'll get something a bit thicker than watermelon juice, with a nice liquid consistency.

Pour about 3/4 cup of the watermelon juice in your cocktail glass, and set it aside.

In the cocktail shaker combine the remaining ingredients: vodka, lemon juice, lime juice,basil leaves, matcha, and salt. Shake vigorously. The more you shake it, the more incorporated your matcha will be.

Gently pour the mixture into the watermelon juice but do not stir. Serve as is, or garnish with a few basil leaves, or fresh watermelon.

There you have it! The watermelon juice naturally sweetens the drink, and the matcha, citrus, and basil really come through. A sip of summertime any time of year. Cheers!


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