Friday, May 20, 2011

Steep Thoughts

And now.. Steep Thoughts. I realized that many of us have some interesting ideas running through our heads as we wait for the tea to steep. So I thought I'd share mine. Please feel free to share yours in the comments
As I sit and wait for my cup of Yorkshire Gold to steep, my thoughts today drift to feelings of nostalgia. The flavor of food, or even tea has the power to bring back nostalgic thoughts for me. With tea, this works particularly well with two kinds- Darjeeling, which was my brew of choice in and after college, and plain ol Lipton with honey and lemon. My mom would always give me tea with honey and lemon when I had a sore throat. It is very soothing, and the lemon will provide a tiny extra bit of vitamin C, which always helps. I always feel better after a cup.

Music can also send me on a memory romp. Just this morning my daughter was watching a Mickey Mouse short that I must have seen as a child because as soon as I heard the sound effects, I knew what it was. It's amazing how our brains can tuck away things as subtle as this. Every so often I'll go on a youtube bender, playing old clips from saturday morning cartoons, or The Muppet Show. Just a few notes of music, or the voice of a character can bring me back. Of course this goes for any song I hear that I obsessively listened to back in my high school and college days as well.

My cup is ready, and I need to bring myself back to reality. But sometimes it's nice to think about things in childhood, and how the simple little things made life so cheerful, and continue to do so. Just like my daughter's snuggles, or a tea break.

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