Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mysterious Chrysanthemum Crystals

A few months ago I received a package in a tea swap, and with the tea came these mysterious chrysanthemum tea crystals. The package does not give much information in English, except to dissolve the crystals in warm or iced water. It also lists the ingredients as chrysanthemum and granulated sugar. The person that gave the crystals to me just said she got them from a friend. She said to add them to tea, or drink them alone.

The cyrstals have a sweet and bitter bite to them. They have a drying effect on the tongue, which reminds me of the tannins in tea. I decided to try them in a cup of basic Yorkshire Gold tea. The crystals give the tea a sweet yet slightly bitter taste. An interesting way to sweeten tea without making it too sweet.

I tried them alone in warm water, and it just takes like sweet water with a very slight bitter note.

I've been doing an online search, and have found a similar product here:

But I can't seem to find much else about this mysterious product. If anyone knows more about it, please let me know in the comments. I'd love to learn more!


  1. I grew up drinking that ! My babysitter was from Laos and apparently they drank that there...I think the sugar content might be quite high in the granules, I remember using 2 packs in a small cup though...Would love to learn more !

  2. Go to a Chinese or Japanese grocery.
    They sell them 16 to a pack for about $3.00.
    I bought some just last week.

  3. its call chrysanthemum crystal tea, product of Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co., ltd China
    very famous in asia

    1. I lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and was recommended these crystals for getting rid of
      migraine it really works I used to carry it around in my handbag and just eat the crystals
      if I had an attack coming on do not know much more except I was given them by a chinese

  4. According to Google there is a type of in the following:

    I tried to go because I have some of the crystals and I am down to my last box and would like to get more. I could not find any at the Asian Market in Tulsa, OK. I haven't been to the one in OKC. If you have corrected the link for these crystals, Please send me the revised one to

    Melanie Jackson