Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trump Tea?

Today I was roaming around a large discount department store, looking for sandals for my son. I always look through the housewares, just to see what I can dig up. I noticed a few tea tins, so I naturally picked one up for further investigation. I was stunned when I noticed the brand name. Trump Tea. Yes folks, apparently Donald Trump has started a tea brand, and a few sad and lonely tins were sitting on the shelf of a discount store. For $7.99 one could be yours.

Why on earth would Trump create a tea brand? Is it because he loves the Tea Party so much? Politics aside, perhaps it is for sale in his hotel gift shops? I have no idea, but of course there is a website for the tea, if you are interested in learning more. According to the website, the teas are "Inspired by world-renowned developer and businessman Donald Trump, Trump® Tea is a premier collection of gourmet teas that embodies the luxury and sophistication synonymous with the Trump name. Superior quality and attention to detail are keys to Donald Trump’s success and the same principles are applied to all things Trump".
So there you go. The tea appears to be whole leaves (and herbs, fruit, etc) in a silk pyramid. I was very curious to try one, but I just couldn't let myself purchase it. I have no interest in supporting anything related to The Donald.

If anyone has tried one of the Trump teas, let me know in the comments!

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