Friday, May 27, 2011

Steep Thoughts

Today as I was steeping and then enjoying a pu-erh tea from Radiance, I came across this fun and informational interview with Emeric Harney from Harney & Sons. The interview is quite lengthy but is very informative for the newbie; and even seasoned tea drinker would find it interesting. Mr. Harney gave some surprising information regarding tea and caffeine. He speaks about the difference in types of tea, difference between using a tea ball and a tea strainer, and even debunks the old wives tale of 'decaffinating' a tea by flash steeping it.  He also discussed taking a moment to sit down with your cup of tea, and the importance of ritual and tradition. I love that he pointed out that tea is actually cooling on a hot day. I do enjoy iced tea on occasion, but I always drink hot tea, even in the summer.

I had to watch this over a few sittings, but it's worth a look if you have time!

Hope everyone enjoys their long Memorial day weekend. Drink lots of tea!

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