Friday, June 17, 2011

Steep Thoughts- The 'Holy Orange Tea, Batman!' Edition

Today I found myself in Chelsea Market, and I ordered Thai food for lunch at Chelsea Thai, where they also have Thai grocery items for sale. While I was waiting for my lunch, I noticed they sold Thai tea powder! A huge bag for $5. How could I resist? I rushed back to my office with booty in hand, anticipating a free moment to investigate further.

When a steeping moment arrived, I tore into the package. I was hit with a Thai Iced Tea smell. It's hard to describe, but it's sweet, and tamarind-y with an undertone of spices that I can't recognize. My fingers are stained orange just from opening the package! This is lethal stuff. I was in the office, but just couldn't resist making a cup. I steeped some of the mixture in hot water, and just added 2% milk and sugar. The smell is unmistakable. It's exactly what the Thai Iced Tea in our local restaurants smells like. Very promising!

The taste was a little watery, and not sweet enough. Apparently I was not brave enough to add the proper amount of tea. I added two packets of sugar for a small cup of tea, but it is still nowhere near as sweet as the Thai Iced Tea I've had before. When I get home I'll try using sweetened condensed milk. That should help, and also add the right texture to the drink. But the overall flavor is exactly what I am looking for! How exciting!

This will definitely make the next round of Thai Tea Ice Pops better. OK so it's not exactly an 'all natural' beverage that I usually go for, but it's a fun and tasty occasional treat.You can drink it hot or cold!

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  1. You're right... it's definitely not all natural! I'm 99% certain this type of cheap stuff has artificial flavors and colors. Sadly this is the exact same stuff most restaurants use for their Thai Iced Teas. I have a recipe for an all natural alternative. I'll post it on my blog very soon.
    Still this was another useful and very interesting post. Thanks Sara!