Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steep Thoughts: I need a cup of tea when...

Today I'm steeping a toasty Tie Guan Yin from Radiance.  Today's Steep Thoughts are reflections on the times I desperately need of a cup of tea. Yes, I drink tea all day long, but there are  moments when it is crucial. Below are some recent examples, along with the tea I wish I had been drinking.

I know I need a cup of tea when...

...I race home from work, and bust through the door with 20 minutes to make dinner. My daughter runs up to me totally naked (mommy! I'm naked!), and my 15 month old son starts wailing as soon as he sees me. I have to cook while holding him. He is over 25 pounds. (A Ceylon to wake me up)

...I wake up with the kids and bring them into the living room to find that the cat pooped on our rug. Again. We just replaced that rug. (Should have made a Jasmine scented tea to soothe my nostrils. Or perhaps a Pu-erh for amusement)

...Trying to stifle a laugh at an important meeting every time someone says Cox. (a malty Assam to distract me)

...Realizing in said meeting that I've used the word 'like' in a sentence more times than an 80s valley girl. (keep drinking the Assam)

...Trying to enjoy a relaxing moment on our deck while listening to our neighbor spew creative expletives. (White Peony. Works in so many situations)

...Waiting on a very long line at the grocery store for 20 minutes without moving an inch. The person in front if me is cursing into her phone and the person behind me smells like a dead fish that has been out in the sun for three days. All I need to purchase are bananas, organic lollipops, and recycled toilet paper. I consider ditching the line but I know our Coordinator of toddlery (Just like Tina Fey, I hate using the word 'nanny') will freak out if there are no bananas for our son tomorrow. (Asked the woman with the potty mouth to hold my place in line and grabbed an Ito En iced black tea)

...I simultaneously get a phone call, three emails, and an in-person pop-in about an issue at work. (Needed a soothing Genmai Cha)

...Dealing with the preschool options in Brooklyn. (a Darjeeling that helps me pretend that I'm somewhere far away).

There are of course many, many more situations. When are you most in need of a cup of tea? What do you reach for?

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