Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mystery Jenaer Teapot

I have been looking around for a Wagenfeld edition Jenaer teapot, as I love the Bauhaus style. I'm searching for one that is vintage and also somewhat affordable, which is no easy feat. I have one other teapot manufactured by Jenaer, the Museum teapot, which I love and actually still use, although I shouldn't since it is easily breakable. The other day I came across a Jenaer style I've never seen before on ebay. The price was right and I ended up winning it.

It looks similar to the museum teapot, but it is not exactly the same. The body is taller, and less rounded. Could it be someone trying to imitate the original teapot, but failing? Or is it some sort of earlier model?

The backstamp is also much different from the ones I've seen. I'm guessing it is either an early stamp, or an imitation. Does anyone know anything about this teapot? I'm curios to know when it was made, and if it is authentic. I must solve this mystery! For a little info on the Jenaer company, you can go here and here. They do not appear to be manufacturing teapots anymore, because most of their teapots have been discontinued. If anyone has any info on this teapot, please let me know.


  1. Hi Sara,
    I am from germany and have seen a lot of Jenaer Glas Teapots. This looks like an old model. The stamp on the bottom looks like it has been carved by hand. Maybe the teapot is late 1920s or earlier 1930s. If you wantI try to make a little research for you.


  2. thank you Melanie! This is helpful! I will have to see what else I can find out. I appreciate it.

  3. Hi Sara...did you solve the mystery? would love to know... :)



    1. I haven't solved it! I did exchange emails with the company that bought Jenaer in 2005, and they had no record of when it would have been used. Any leads would be great!