Friday, July 15, 2011

Steep Thoughts- The Thai Tea Ice Cream Deliciousness Edition

Today's Steep Thoughts took place while I was steeping a lovely lDarjeeling that I sampled from a friend's gift from India (more on that in another post). If you have been following this blog at all, you'll know my weakness for Thai Iced Tea. I love the sweet creamy flavor that is cut by the bitterness of black tea, along with a hint of spices. I've tried making it at home (and have a new recipe to try), as well as making into ice pops. But now, I have found the most amazing use of the Thai tea flavor, and I can't stop thinking about it. A dear friend and I visited a little Thai restaurant/take out joint that opened in my neighborhood, Skyice Sweet and Savory. My friend had raved about their ice cream selections, particularly the Thai Tea version. Naturally, I insisted we check it out.

The sweet little shop smells of amazing spices and fish sauce. Very good sign. The service was bright and friendly, and we were given tastes of some of the ice cream. We ordered a sampler platter of five 'mini scoops' that were anything but small. Every single ice cream we tried was an immense burst of flavor! So delicious, we were actually smacking our lips with happiness. The Thai Tea ice cream was divine. It basically tasted like a smooth milkshake made with Thai tea. Perfect. I wanted to take home a pint of this flavor, but I knew it would be dangerous to have it in my freezer! I cannot wait to go back and have more, and also check out the food. I cannot stop thinking about it.

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