Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Tea Favorite

The fairly new tea company TeaVivre sent me quite a few generous samples. I've been drinking their teas for awhile now, but I haven't had a chance to focus on a proper review. I have a few teas of theirs to discuss, and the first one I'm writing about is the Yun Nan Dian Hong.

I love Yunnan teas, especially for their rich earthy quality. When I choose a tea to start my day with, Yunnan usually comes to mind.

TeaVivre is a Chinese company that truly cares about tea. You can see it in the way they package the samples. The samples are assembled with care. Each tea is in a resealable vacuum pack, and has an inner air-tight bag as well. The leaves are absolutely beautiful. Long and thin with lots of golden tips. They have a sweet, floral scent. The resulting brew is a golden amber color. Quite pleasing for all the senses.

The flavor is different from the scent of the leaves, and everything I enjoy in Yunnan tea. It is strong, robust, yet smooth. Earthy with a mellow barley flavor. I know I've used this phrase before, but it reminds me of crunchy fall leaves. The earthy taste conjures up multi-hued maple leaves on a cool fall day. This is a simple black tea, but with a subtle sweetness and even a surprising hint of citrus. It adds a nice depth to the brew. This is a good quality tea that is extremely satisfying. It is an ideal breakfast tea for me. It is strong yet smooth, and has a nice full flavor to wake up my sleepy brain.

I am looking forward to trying my other samples. I'm so grateful that they sent them!

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