Friday, February 10, 2012

Steep Thoughts: The 'Why Do I Always Fall for Milky Tea?' Edition

I love bubble tea. It's just one of those guilty pleasures. I've never had an instant powdered brand of 'milk tea' that has ever tasted as good as the kind you get in a cafe. But for whatever reason, every time we are in an Asian grocery, I gravitate towards any product that says 'milk tea'. I just can't help myself.

I'm currently drinking 'Casa Milky Flavor Tea'. The last time we were in a Korean grocery store I impulsively grabbed a box of it.  Usually this sort of 'tea' sits in the cupboard for a few months until I'm feeling adventurous enough to try a packet. But the other day I decided to bring some to the office. This afternoon I gave it a try, hoping to jump start my sleepy brain.

A look at the ingredients shows that there is actually brown sugar in the mixture, and I can actually taste it. I don't really care for the molasses-like thickness, and it's way too sweet. Not that milk tea is supposed to be anything but sweet, but this one just doesn't really work. If you ignore the brown sugar, it actually tastes similar to the black milk tea I am familiar with. I think this box will go back on the shelf for awhile. Perhaps I will remember this lesson the next time I hear the milky tea siren song. Probably not.

Do you have an impulsive weakness for a particular kind of tea?

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  1. I actually like this milk tea. I was quite impressive. The taste is better than I expected.