Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Collections- Tea Steepers

Last week I showed off some of my favorite tea cups. This week, I am sharing a few of my favorite tea steepers. I don't really use these, because they typically don't allow enough room for the tea leaves to open up and exude their happiness. But I've been gifted a few over the years, and now they've become a fun collection. Each one has a little story either about where I found it, or who gave it to me. Sometimes the memories of an object are far more significant than their use.

I've had this teapot steeper since I was in college. I remember wandering around a grocery store one night, and finding it hidden among the bagged teas. I was just getting into loose tea at that point, and this little teapot inspired me to drink even more of it.

I picked up the robot at Pylones a few years ago. I was shopping for a friend and I just couldn't pass him up. He usually sits on my desk and cheers me on while I work. He always brings me a smile.

I actually won the orange leaf steeper from a contest through Miss Tea. I love the quirky orange color which looks quite cheerful sitting on my bookshelf.

The Manatea is one of my most favorite steepers, gifted by dear friends. It is a happy little creature and a popular conversation piece. I haven't used it to brew tea, but I imagine he'll look adorable hanging on the edge of a mug!

Do you have any tea steepers? I'd love to see some of your favorites!

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  1. The last two are most amusing and I have not seen as such. The robot one I have seen similarly; and the teapot steeper I have one in silver. This is in storage with my other belongings.I never did use it much. I prefer to use teabags for making of tea.

    I gave up being a tea reviewer and this is one aspect that I will not miss: loose leaf or tea bags or powdered (matcha / Chai) or Pu-erh cakes and such.

    I am a tea bag (beggar) and in collection; so why not the tea in me as well. ;-)