Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Visit: tea drunk

Last year I was fortunate to attend a wonderful tea tasting with passionate expert Shunan at the NY Coffee & Tea festival. Shunan mentioned she was hoping to open a tea house named tea drunk.and I have had it on my list to visit ever since it opened a few months ago.

Recently my husband and I had a rare day to ourselves, so we had a delicious lunch at Momofuku Ssam bar and waddled over to tea drunk. This tea house is a place for serious teas with an authentic experience. The teas are hand selected directly from the farms in China, and you can see Shunan's passion through the list of carefully curated teas. To get a better sense of what the tea house is about, check out the 'about us' page. It expresses just how much love and expertise is put into each tea they carry.

After perusing the tempting menu of Chinese teas, we settled on the raw puerh 'song'. We wanted something bitter and strong enough to help our full bellies digest. After ordering you can pick out a tea pet that will cheerfully sit on your tea tray and take an active role in your tea preparation.

Sit back and focus on your tea being prepared in a gaiwan. The vessel is filled with leaves and the tea is steeped quickly, which allows for many infusions. We sat and enjoyed several cups of tea, and each infusion led to a deeper, more complex flavor. The tea was pleasantly bitter and earthy, with a an herbaceous taste that brings an ancient magical forest to mind. The flavor of the tea lingered long after we left, a gratifying reminder of our experience.

tea drunk also hosts classes, check out their events page for the schedule. I hope to try one soon. This is a true NYC gem, a place you can't find anywhere else in the city. Go sit at the tea bar, chat with with expert staff, and enjoy a beautiful tea. We will definitely be back as soon as possible!

tea drunk: 123 E. 7th St NY, NY Highly Recommended 


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your experience! Song is definitely one of my faves. Hope to catch you there on your next visit :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! I hope to be back soon :)

  3. Nice to have support. I like the little dog like clay object. Enjoy!

  4. They seem to have an awesome selection of teas!

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