Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Littlest Tea Critic: Alice's Tea Cup

I'd like to introduce you to the Littlest Tea Critic, my almost-seven-year-old tea-loving daughter. She has a discerning palate often better than my own. A few weeks ago she asked if we could have a 'fancy tea' together and I couldn't decide if I should take her for a real afternoon tea experience or not. Afternoon tea can be an expensive affair and quite a lot of food for even an adventurous almost-seven-year-old. I decided on trying Alice's Tea Cup, since they do a 'wee tea' for children along with the regular afternoon tea offerings. I had only been there once or twice in the past, and never really had a stellar experience. But I figured I'd see what the Littlest Tea Critic (LTC) had to say about the place.

There was a wait when we arrived (I don't understand why this place is always so crowded), so we walked around awhile until the host called us to say our table was ready (a nice perk). The best part of the 'wee tea' experience happens when you first arrive. Children have their choice of fairy wings to wear and get 'fairy dust' sprinkled over them before sitting down. The LTC was delighted. Sadly, this was the highlight of our tea experience.

I decided to order the afternoon tea for one, and the 'wee tea', of course. Both came with a pot of tea, a savory component, a scone, and cookies for me, and chocolate mousse for the 'wee' one (why wouldn't kids want cookies?). The tea menu is quite large and there are many herbal teas for the little ones to choose from. I ordered an English breakfast which was flat and dull. According to the LTC, her mango rooibos 'tasted weird, like chemicals'. Our food arrived and things got worse. Her chicken fingers were rubbery and greasy, she gave them a thumb's down. She didn't touch the scone, and thought the chocolate mousse was 'sweet and creamy...ok'. My tea sandwich was dry, stale, and basically just taking up too much space. The LTC didn't even want to try it. The scone wasn't bad, it had some moisture and really, what isn't good with a little dollop of clotted cream? The cookies were passable, but nothing I'd order again.

I'd only recommend Alice's Tea Cup for tea and a scone, or if you are looking for a diversion with a child that doesn't mind mediocre food. During our visit, the LTC was the only child there- the tables were packed with brunching adults, and there was even a bridal shower in the next room. Perhaps it's more popular with children during the week. I remain baffled by their popularity.

Next time I will not underestimate the LTC's love for food and tea, and take her for a proper experience. Any suggestions on where to take her for our next outing?

Alice's Tea Cup  (multiple locations): 
Pros: friendly service, twee atmosphere, kid friendly, large tea menu
Cons: mediocre food, overpriced
Not recommended


  1. You might want to try Podunk. The menu is smaller but everything I ate there was delicious. Just a warning, they are cash only and don't have a customer bathroom.

  2. Good call on Podunk! I haven't been there in years. I remember that bathroom situation, it could get problematic. But I think they send you to a place nearby, right?