Friday, May 29, 2015

Tasting: Finest Kind 1960 Tea Mixer

One of my favorite summertime drinks is a half black tea, half lemonade mix (often called a half and half or an Arnold Palmer). The only way I can think of improving on this mixture is to add a bit of gin and possibly some bubbles. Awhile back Finest Kind sent me a few samples of their tea mixers and the 1960 which is black tea, lemon juice, and cane sugar caught my eye.

I have enjoyed similar mixers in the past and wondered how this one would measure up. The blend is nice and concentrated with a smooth texture. I found the black tea flavor to be very balanced, much more present than in other brands that I've tried. It is sweet, but not overly so. The lemon is strong but not overpowering. Mixed with gin, tonic, and a bit of extra lemon, it is a delicious summertime (or let's face it, all year round) boozy drink. I like the simplicity of just the mixer with gin, tonic, and lemon but it could be used in any number of cocktail recipes. It's also tasty just straight up with seltzer water. Or I might even add it to a glass of lemonade. There are many possibilities...

This is a product I will keep in my cupboard for summertime beach visits and picnics in the park. Let's not forget year round tea cocktails too. To learn more about these tea mixers you can visit the Finest Kind site here

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