Friday, May 22, 2015

Tasting: TÊTÊ Black Tea

TÊTÊ is a new company that offers three varieties of tea from small farmers in Nepal: White, Green, and Black. They endeavor simplicity and high quality over quantity. This dedication to quality is easy to believe with just three teas to focus on. To learn a little more about this interesting company, the founder Raunak Agarwal tells their story here.

In the description of the tea on the TÊTÊ website, I love this little ancedote:

This tea comes from a remote tea garden of Nepal, where when the first tractor arrived five years ago, the locals thought it was a buffalo and fed it hay.

The dry leaves are stunning to look at, and are extremely aromatic. My nose was flooded with a mixture of malt, floral, and muscatel notes when I opened the vacuum sealed package. It is reminiscent of a Darjeeling. The scent was so delicious, I'd use it as a perfume if I could!

The brew is light and subtle. It's very lemony and feels warm and sunny. It is gentle yet with a slight astringency that I found pleasing and refreshing. A lingering honey floral note leaves me wanting another cup. This is a high quality, beautiful tea. A perfect light summer cup. I will try it iced and see if it holds up. I expect it will.

To learn more about the tea and this unique company, visit the TÊTÊ website here. With all of the tragic events in Nepal over the last few weeks, I have been drinking this tea, and sending them healing thoughts. This is a good resource if you are interested in donating to earthquake relief.

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